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become more productive in just 3 minutes.
Denis Caron of Weekend Publisher
Denis Caron
Founder of WeekendPublisher

"Within 5 months of working with John I felt confident again. I regained control of my time and increased my income by 7x"

Ray Hylton Jr - professional voice actor
Ray Hylton Jr
Professional Voiceover Artist

"John is a business mastermind. He cares about his clients’ success, he thinks fast and he knows what he’s talking about"

Dominic Murray of CJ Finances
Dominic Murray
Owner of CJFinance IFAs

"John completely overhauled my team, my management, and my processes. I saved 23 hours per week and our profitability doubled"


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🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

1 November 2023

The difference between busy and productive people

why I actively try to not do some things so well

and a quote on free time


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

25 October 2023

Why I am changing these emails

why I am committing to reading LESS

and a businessy quote from Ernest Hemingway


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

18 October 2023

Is your audience solution aware

the uncomfortable reality of how to go viral

and a quote on success


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

11 October 2023

How your customers process and compare prices

ominous positivity

and a special quote on comparison


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

4 October 2023

How to create authentic connections

Your health is your first foundation

and a quote on enjoying the time you have


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

27 September 2023

Your client's beliefs trump their reality

The power of zooming out

and a quote on seeing the bigger picture


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

20 September 2023

Why you might be thinking too small

Twitter algorithm unlocked

and a quote on why small business is hard


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

13 September 2023

Create rules instead of tasks

why you shouldn't hire first

and a quote on robots taking jobs


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

6 September 2023

Your skills are not binary

why you should use reverse trials

and a quote on identifying bottlenecks


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

30 August 2023

How to improve your quality and create masterpieces

a new and useful feature from Meta

and a quote on luck


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

23 August 2023

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to steal top talent

the 7 kinds of rest

and a quote on taking time off


🎯 Work Smart Wednesday

16 August 2023

Don't fill a leaky bucket

The sunk cost fallacy

A quote on the value of quitting

Join 300+ 6-figure entrepreneurs
become more productive in just 3 minutes.
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