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Always Optimal

Unlimited 1-to-1 support to keep you and your business on track and optimal

Investment: $1297 per month

You can pay in any currency. Cancel any time in one click.

Includes my full no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

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Who is this for?

Always Optimal is NOT for you if:


❌ You want me to run your business for you

❌ You’re so committed to the way you’ve always done things that you’re not willing to make any real changes when needed. You’re only willing to “tweak” what you’re already doing


❌ You don't genuinely want honest, forthright, feedback

❌ You’re not willing to prioritise our work together or trust the process 

Always Optimal is for you if:


✅ You run a successful business and you want to significantly improve your business 

✅ You want to have somebody on your team to provide objective feedback and to help you to 'see the woods through the trees'


✅ You have a long-term focus


✅ You have strong ethics in life and business, you want to do the right thing

✅ You value your time. You want to achieve maximum results for minimum stress

✅ You want to own a business that makes money AND gives you freedom

Hi, I'm John

Time Optimisation Expert

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At this point, you have worked with me before. You know my style. You know how I can help you. You have seen the real results I provide for you and your business.


We are going to get the rest of your business up to the same level, and beyond. It takes time to optimise everything, and trends do change over time. We are going to make sure you are on top of those changes, in control of your business, and ahead of the curve. 

We will retain our control of time, both for yourself and your team. 

Alongside your happiness, we will optimise for your particular goal, be it profit, time, health, family, legacy, fame, or something else. 

Your business will be a force for good - improving the lives of you, your family, your team, and your customers. You will grow, not just for the sake of growth, but growth when it is the right time and the right thing to do. You will enjoy your business.

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Join 300+ 6-figure entrepreneurs
Create a better business and a better life

What is included

Always Optimal


Unlimited 1-to-1 sessions

You will be genuinely listened to, not rushed or given generic advice. Book as much as needed, I am here to fully support you throughout our time


Private group access

A whole community of successful entrepreneurs like you who are on your side. Sharing tips, progress, support, and working together


Custom step-by-step action plans

So you know exactly what you need to do next and how to do it


Comprehensive session summaries

See your business from an objective perspective. 'See the woods through the trees' to make quick progress


Trusted tools and partners

Access to my lists of trusted tools, freelancers, and companies to outsource to. Never worry about things like accounting again


Mastermind session access

Monthly themed MasterMinds with other successful entrepreneurs like you to discuss thorny topics and share top tips and solve problems


Unlimited email support

No limit on the number of questions you can ask. I provide full support -always proceed with confidence


All materials and templates

Maximise your productivity with the proven processes, templates, and resources that me and my teams use


Session recordings

Lifetime access to your session recordings so you can always review key insights

Case study:

Doubled profits, halved workweek

Copy of Dominic Murray CJ Finances2.jpg

Meet Dominic. When we started working together, he was trading time for money in his financial advisory business and to grow he had to add more people to his team.

Because of this, profits were down and people problems were up. He was spending so much time either managing issues in his team, or training junior team members, that he couldn’t step back and look at how to really grow.

We helped him to first get the team culture right. We put in place simple ways to manage his team more efficiently and to match the right people to the right jobs. We removed the need for Dominic to do 'grunt work' - we automated, delegated, and outsourced all of the tasks that he didn't enjoy. Once his team were productive, he could take a step back to look at things more strategically.

From there we helped him map out his future vision, which included building processes and that would support scalability without always having to add team members.

Fast forward, and he has doubled profitability, has an established team who can deliver without him, and has even been able to reduce his time in the business by 23 hours per week to spend more time enjoying life with friends and family (and now living in Bali!)


How is it possible that I can work less and make more money?

The reason you have no time is the same reason that stops you from making more money - your systems suck. You are almost certainly spending a lot of time doing low value tasks that make no real difference. Getting the right systems in place reduces the amount of time you need to spend while also making it easier (and better) for customers to work with you. My strategies increase overall efficiency, bringing you both time and money. ​ Within 3 months my average client goes from 60 hour weeks to 20 hour weeks and almost doubles profits. This is all thanks to implementing my effective systems and focusing your time on the things that actually make a difference.

Will this work for my business?

Yes, it will work for you. I have success stories from almost every industry imaginable - from cleaning companies to IFAs, Etsy sellers to coconut product wholesalers, and from coaches to car-repair garages. This will work for you.

How will you help me - what is your style?

I offer a very practical, action-focused, 'blended coaching' approach. I will help you to identify answers yourself and learn how to fix the problem yourself so you don't need me long term, and in the short term I offer direct guidance and step-by-step action plans so you know exactly what you need to do next and how to do it  ​ Sessions will be conversational and relaxed. You are talking to somebody who is on your side, a supportive friend. Behind the scenes, I am a science and data driven. I will look into the numbers for you and provide expert insight while helping you to understand the underlying reasons why everything happens

What time are calls?

Most of my clients are in North America and Europe but I have had clients on six continents. No matter your location, I’m here to help you.  ​ We usually have calls twice per month, but you can book as often as you like - there is no limit. Usually we speak in the morning according to your time zone and the calls usually last 60 minutes - however, the call length and times can be adapted to suit your needs. ​ I always work directly with you to find a time that will work for us both on a regular basis.  You can see my generally available times here:

I don't have enough time do I find time for coaching?

We immediately start eliminating lesser priority activities from your schedule so that you open up more time to invest in the activities that make a real difference. - I don't give any tasks without a specific reason. Everything you learn is directly applicable to getting the job done - making you feel more peaceful, confident, and accomplished.

How is Always Optimal different to your other packages?

Always Optimal is a carefully crafted retainer-style programme to provide you with absolute and limitless support. You can have confidence someone is always on your side and able to help. Each element is designed to develop your skills, your network, and your business.  Other programmes are laser-focused on solving one particular issue. I appreciate your needs change over time and that different issues arise when running a business. Always Optimal is designed to be flexible and help you with all issues that may arise while also providing ongoing support so we can be proactive. Whether you have a big emergency problem you need help with or a small clarifying question, or even if you just want to share a win with somebody who understands, with Always Optimal you can have complete confidence that expert and caring support is available for you whenever you need it.

Top Tip

This may be a business expense

Many business owners and solopreneurs have been able to write off business coaching and online courses as education expenses. Always consult with your accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional, but we are happy to assist you with this process and provide documentation. 

If you are unhappy with Always Optimal for ANY reason,

I will provide you with a

Full refund

No questions asked

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John J D Munn wall of happy clients headshots

More time. More money. More freedom.

"Within 6 weeks my revenue jumped from $60k to $140k per month and I went from working 65 hours per week to 30 hours per week. Absolutely life changing."

- Pierre Caron

Maximum results, minimum effort

Time. Profit. Happiness. Become Always Optimal

What you get:

✅ Unlimited 1-1 sessions

✅ MasterMind access

✅ Group support

✅ A network of other successful entrepreneurs

✅ Our tried and tested templates

✅ My list of trusted tools and partners

✅ All resources you need to reduce your week

✅ No questions asked money-back guarantee

✅ Unlimited email support

✅ Custom step-by-step action plans

✅ Always know exactly what you need to do next

✅ Always be in control of your time and schedule

✅ No more bad clients

✅ No more stress or burnout

✅ Achieve a 20 hour workweek or better

✅ Freedom to work and travel when you want

✅ Time for your friends, family, and hobbies

✅ Make more money than ever before

✅ Always on top of things, always improving

✅ Always have someone on your side

Investment: $1297 per month

You can pay in any currency. Cancel any time in one click.

Includes my full no questions asked money back guarantee.

In 2022 I helped 18 entrepreneurs
Save 21,840 hours of work and make $24m more
Copy of John J D Munn wall of happy clients.png
Denis Caron of Weekend Publisher

Denis, Canada

Before working with John I felt overwhelmed, I had seen some success with business but I didn't know what to do next. Within 5 months of working with John I felt confident again - I regained control of my time and increased my income by 7x. If you want to move forward with your business with direction and with clarity then I 100% recommend John


Ray Hylton Jr - professional voice actor

Ray, USA

John is a business mastermind, everything happens for a reason and I am so fortunate to have met him. He cares about his clients’ success, he thinks fast and he knows what he’s talking about. I look forward to tons of future sessions with him!

Dominic Murray of CJ Finances

Dominic, UK

John instantly made a difference in my business. We were already making good money but I was spending all my time working IN the business. John completely overhauled my team, my management, and my processes. I saved 23 hours per week and our profitability doubled. Highly recommend.

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