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Work less,
Earn more.

Personalised expert support to help 6-figure entrepreneurs to work 20 hours per week.

receive a free custom action plan

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5/5 from 150+ clients

Never enough time?

You're working more than you need to

If you’re like the hundreds of entrepreneurs I have helped then your day is full of distractions, meetings, interruptions, and wasted time. I’m here to fix that.

My Work Less philosophy is built around the mastery of 6 skills:



Time management









Work Less is about making better decisions, building better systems, and saying no more often. In essence, Work Less is about thinking more, in order to do less.

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How does it work?

1. Book your clarity call

Book your call via Calendly. The calendar will adapt to your time zone so you can be sure to select a date and time that works for you

2. Prepare for our call

You will get question prompts when you book the call to help you prepare for our session. Don't worry if you're unsure or have nothing to prepare, we can explore and figure things out together

3. Attend and enjoy

We will discuss your situation in depth and create a simple step-by-step action plan so you know exactly what you need to do next

4. Implement 

Implement the step-by-step action plan we created together. You will have access to unlimited email support from me during this period so you are supported throughout

5. Let the results speak for themselves

You have now experienced working together and have seen how I can help you. When you're ready to start properly together, you can book a package.

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John Munn Eliana Vanekova StartUp Awards National Series

Meet John J D Munn

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I have been fortunate enough to win many awards as an entrepreneur in my own right. Awards I have won or been a finalist for include:

  • Great British Entrepreneur Of The Year - Natwest

  • Best Digital Changemaker - EU's All Digital Awards

  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year - DigiLeaders

After realising I spend all my time running my business rather than enjoying it, I made a change. I now work less than 15 hours per week and specialise in helping entrepreneurs reclaim their time.

In 2022 I created £19m in additional revenue for my clients' businesses and saved them an average of 20 working hours per week so they can enjoy their life.

John J D Munn giving a lecture and talk on entrepreneurship at the University of Leeds


How is it possible that I can work less and make more money?

The reason you have no time is the same reason that stops you from making more money - your systems suck. You are almost certainly spending a lot of time doing low value tasks that make no real difference. Getting the right systems in place reduces the amount of time you need to spend while also making it easier (and better) for customers to work with you. My strategies increase overall efficiency, bringing you both time and money.

Within 3 months my average client goes from 60 hour weeks to 20 hour weeks and almost doubles profits. This is all thanks to implementing my effective systems and focusing your time on the things that actually make a difference.

Will this work for my business?

Yes, it will work for you. People often think such a short working week isn't possible for them or their business, but it is. It works for freelancers and established business alike and I have success stories from almost every industry imaginable - from cleaning companies to IFAs, Etsy sellers to coconut product wholesalers, and from coaches to car-repair garages. This will work for you.

John J D Munn wall of happy clients headshots

More time. More money. More freedom.

"Within 6 weeks my revenue jumped from $60k to $140k per month and I went from working 65 hours per week to 30 hours per week. Absolutely life changing."

- Pierre Caron

Denis Caron of Weekend Publisher

Denis, Canada

Before working with John I felt overwhelmed, I had seen some success with my business but I didn't know what to do next. Within 5 months of working with John I felt confident again - I regained control of my time and increased my income by 7x. If you want to move forward with your business with direction and with clarity then I 100% recommend John


Ray Hylton Jr - professional voice actor

Ray, USA

John is a business mastermind, everything happens for a reason and I am so fortunate to have met him. He cares about his clients’ success, he thinks fast and he knows what he’s talking about. I look forward to tons of future sessions with him!

Dominic Murray of CJ Finances

Dominic, UK

John instantly made a difference in my business. We were already making good money but I was spending all my time working IN the business. John completely overhauled my team, my management, and my processes. I saved 23 hours per week and our profitability doubled. Highly recommend.

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