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Everything you need to know to easily perform your first personal time audit

  • Reduce your workload

  • Spot time wasting tasks

  • Work less and make more




✋ 4 simple steps to a successful time audit
⏰ Time saving tips

✅ Simple set up hacks

🎥 Step-by-step video support
🤩 All designed to help you Work Less and Earn More

Join 300+ 6-figure entrepreneurs
become more productive in just 5 minutes.
Denis Caron of Weekend Publisher
Denis Caron
Founder of WeekendPublisher

"Within 5 months of working with John I felt confident again. I regained control of my time and increased my income by 7x"

Ray Hylton Jr - professional voice actor
Ray Hylton Jr
Professional Voiceover Artist

"John is a business mastermind. He cares about his clients’ success, he thinks fast and he knows what he’s talking about"

Dominic Murray of CJ Finances
Dominic Murray
Owner of CJFinance IFAs

"John completely overhauled my team, my management, and my processes. I saved 23 hours per week and our profitability doubled"

Ways you can work with me

90 day programme to reduce your working week to 20 hours or less per week. Reclaim your time, work less and make more.

Beat Burnout, Reduce Stress, and Work Less


Who is it for? Busy entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners earning 6-figures+ but are feeling overworked and burned out.

6 months to 6 figures. Set up your business with a strong foundation and the right systems in place. Avoid creating your own cage.

Build right, achieve freedom, make money

Who is it for? Entrepreneurs at the idea stage or have started their business within the last 12 months. Build a business, not a cage.

Ongoing coaching and mentoring to keep you accountable and continually optimise your systems. Cutting edge creating freedom.

Retain your time freedom, earn real money


Who is it for? Entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners who already have most systems in place and are earning 6-figures+.

Try before you buy

Need to know more? Not sure which package is right for you? Want to test how well we work together?

Book your 60-minute clarity call today to get your first taste of how coaching can help you get organized, get motivated, and get past the finish line.

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